Dragon Cafe - Mental Fight Club


The film is a powerful advocate for the work of Mental Fight Club and its SE London and City of London based project The Dragon Café. It shows the arts activities of the Café, particularly the choir and the singing project and hears from interviews patrons who rely on the activities for their wellbeing. 

The video shows how wellbeing and creative projects can have a major impact on our lives and health – particularly through offering creative outlets.

The film takes inspiration from words of Ben Okri the Patron of the Dragon Cafe and the Mental Fight Club

You can’t remake the world without remaking yourself. Each new era begins within. It is an inward event, With unsuspected possibilities For inner liberation. We could use it to turn on Our inward lights. We could use it to use even the dark And negative things positively. We could use the new era To clean our eyes, To see the world differently, To see ourselves more clearly.”